Saturday, January 12, 2013


Hello! My name is Gina Dickman, but that is going to change in March! 
My new last name will soon be Lusignan, so I need to start getting used to that.
I usually have very standard answers for these "get to know you" introductions. However, I wanted to be more honest (I'm not nearly as out-doorsy as some of my introductions make it sound) and also cover more information with less text. So here we go. 

Hometown: Kennewick, WA. 
Favorite place in the world: After a long day, my bed. 
Favorite color: Lavender & gold 
Favorite store: Barnes & Noble 
Quote I live by: I don't. I think quotes are cheesy 
Favorite artist/band: Tie for Nat King Cole and Maroon 5
All time favorite song: I've had the time of my life - Bill Medley
Strange interest: I find criminology interesting 
Personal quirk: I'm like a menopausal lady - one minute I'm cold and the next I'm sweating. 
If I could be one other person for a day: Lauren Froderman 
Pass time activities: Reading, watching Parks & Recreation, New girl, Modern Family and Breaking Bad, playing Worms or Dance Central on the X-box, sleeping, Pinteresting and talking on the phone with my fiance and family back in WA.
My kind of humor: Puns
Favorite Actress: Amy Poehler 
Funniest Youtube video: